The Magic of the Pendulum

I got my first pendulum after I had enrolled in a course in a healing school. One of the required tools was a pendulum for checking the human energy field and chakras. When I first got my pendulum, I decided to play with it and see what it would show me.

I wanted my mind to be clear, not biased to produce any particular outcome. I held the pendulum over a plate, kept my mind on neutral, and waited to see what would happen. The pendulum started to swing slowly in a clockwise direction. When I turned the plate over, the motion of the pendulum swung in a counter clockwise direction. I tried this out on many other objects and found that they all responded in the same way. Everything has a positive and negative pole, and the pendulum made it visible. Of course, there was one exception, the sphere! The sphere always swung in a clockwise direction.

When testing out jewelry, interesting results presented themselves. I held the pendulum over a ring on my finger and found that the swing was straight back and forth. The motion moved across my fingers from the pinky to the middle finger. I took the ring off and turned it around before putting it back on. The energy flow was still a straight-line swing, but this time the energy flowed freely along the length of the ring finger, traveling across the hand to the wrist. I had heard of jewelry blocking energy flow and here it was made visible. With the ring worn one way, the energy could not flow straight down the finger, but instead was blocked and forced to flow across the fingers. With the ring simply flipped around, the energy was not blocked and could flow naturally. Now I know that I can wear my jewelry, but I have to make sure I wear it the “right” way.

For my second “experiment” I asked my daughter to help me. She held out her hand and focused her mind on sending energy out of her fingertips. Holding the pendulum near her hand a large clockwise swing resulted. Then I asked her to stop sending energy and the pendulum stopped it’s movement. When asked her to draw energy from the universe into her hand, once again the pendulum started swinging, but this time in the opposite direction. We continued, but my daughter then would send, stop, or pull the energy without telling me what she was doing. Without fail, the pendulum behaved as our initial tests had indicated, even if I didn’t know what my daughter was doing!

I have repeated this exercise with many people since then, and have found that it can be an interesting tool to provide some insight for the person. Some people produce different intensities of swings depending on whether they send or pull energy. One person might have a huge clockwise swing when sending energy, but the swing might be a tiny in the other direction once they focus on pulling energy in. In this example, it showed that the person had a much easier time giving than receiving, and this was usually confirmed by the person, which helped give them a clue that they needed to balance out that aspect in their lives. If the opposite results were noticed, with a small swing when they sent energy, and a large swing when they drew the energy in, often it was an indication that they were more used to receiving than giving.

Another idea I had was to try the pendulum on some plants in my garden. I took the pendulum outside where gigantic zinnias were blooming in the flowerbed. I found a perfect blossom that was bright and healthy. This specimen produced a large and fast clockwise swing. I found another zinnia nearby that had been half eaten by a hungry caterpillar. It was missing half half its petals, and this flower showed it’s distressed state as the pendulum swung back and forth in a slow straight line, not reaching past the edge of the blossom.

By testing out the pendulum in simple ways, I have had many interesting and surprising experiences. It’s easy to hear a story or two and maybe think, “that sounds pretty cool, but is it really true?” If you found my anecdotes intriguing, I want to encourage you to try it out for yourself and see what you see! If you take some time to explore your environment with a pendulum, I am sure you will get similar surprising results, and perhaps a few new insights.

Some tips on using a pendulum:

Many pendulum users like to use pendulums to help indicate answers to questions. A clockwise pendulum swing is positive response or a “yes”. A counter clockwise pendulum swing is a negative or “no” response. If the pendulum stands still it is neutral, no answer, or neither good nor bad.

We often feel that we are all alone in the universe, but we are actually part of and connected with everything there is. Our mind just needs to focus its intention and calm the busy thoughts and expectations to get the answers we desire. By using the pendulum we can receive the information that we seek.

The Pendulum for Testing Food and Water

The groundhog in my garden does not need to use a pendulum when he decides which tidbit to eat or not to eat. He knows which plants will give him the nourishment he needs, and which ones can make him sick. Our own inner knowing is often not as instinctive, but we can connect with that deeper part of ourselves and get the answers we seek. To reach this goal, a simple pendulum is a powerful tool.

Take your pendulum along when you go grocery shopping. Hold the food item in your hand in front of your stomach. With your other hand hold the pendulum over the food and check the swing with the pendulum. Hold the question, “is this product good for me?” in your mind, and watch what the pendulum does. If you see a clockwise swing, the answer is yes, but if the swing is counter clockwise, or if it doesn’t swing at all, you might want to consider putting the item back on the shelf!

You can try this with individual foods and vitamins to see what is good for you, but you can also test the difference between organic vs. regular fruits and vegetables, or different varieties of the same type of product. I once tried the pendulum on all the different brands of water in the store, and was quite surprised to find that only one brand produced a healthy clockwise swing.

Dowsing for Objects

A friend of mine has the ability to dowse for water. When I first heard about this, I was so intrigued that I asked him how he does it. “Oh,” he said, “it’s simple.” He went on to explain that a pendulum or a dowsing rod is a tool that shows you the exact spot that you are seeking, but the most important part is that you have to become that which you seek. You have to become water, be water, feel like water. When you feel that you have reached that liquid fluid state in your body, you have raised your water vibration. Every muscle, every cell of your body, your mind, everything becomes powerful vibrating water and then you go and seek the water. By doing this you will start to resonate with the vibration of water, and any water that’s around you becomes attracted to you and actually helps you find it. If you hold dowsing rods in your hands (simple bent and cropped coat hangers will do or if you are lucky and there is a hazelnut bush nearby you can cut a y-shaped branch and hold the branching part in your hands) or you use a pendulum as you are walking across a field with your intent powerfully in your mind, you will find what you seek and the rods will bend or the pendulum swing once you have come across the right spot.


My son’s dog had jumped over the fence and run away one evening when we had a major thunderstorm. The dog had lived on a tropical island where thunderstorms don’t happen. The thought occurred to me that I might try to locate him with the help of the pendulum. I took our county map and moved the pendulum slowly over the area where I live and a bit beyond. Nothing. The pendulum stood still. I was about to give up when I noticed a small movement. And sure enough the pendulum made a small clockwise movement over an intersection toward the bottom of the last page I was testing. In my mind I asked, is it Road A? No movement. Is it Road B? This time the pendulum swung. Without hesitation, I got into my car and drove to the spot indicated, and there I found the dog, at the exact location indicated by the pendulum. I would never have looked for her in that area because it was several miles away in an area where I rarely travel.

Healing Pendulums

There are different types of brass or wooden pendulums available in a variety of shapes, some that have patterns and grooves cut into them. These pendulums are not simple dowsing tools. They actually generates different light vibrations when they are used. These small tools might look unassuming, but they work amazingly well to promote healing within the the energy field.

A painful area of your body often indicates an energy blockage, and a healing pendulum can help correct the imbalance and enable the energy to flow.

At a recent Spring health expo that I attended in Allentown, PA a young man came to buy a pendulum from me. At the previous Fall expo, also in Allentown, he was interested in the pendulums, but hadn’t had much experience with any kind of pendulum work or dowsing. I demonstrated how the healing pendulum works by letting it swing over his hurting shoulder. He told me that immediately after the treatment, the pain was gone. He was happy to experience a little relief from his chronic shoulder pain, and was more please that the relief lasted throughout the rest of the expo, and even on his drive home. When he came back during the Spring expo, he shared the good news: his shoulder pain had never come back! One healing was all that was needed to cure his chronic pain, and he was so delighted that he decided to buy a pendulum for himself!

If you want to use a healing pendulum, allow it to swing over the painful area. It may move in circles in either direction, go back and forth, change the patterns as it’s moving, etc. Just allow it to happen. In this case, a swing in a certain direction isn’t communicating a message, it is just moving the way it needs to in order to do its healing work. Stay with it. The pendulum will naturally come to a stop when it has finished its healing. This may take a minute, or sometimes a little more. It is possible that the pain you experienced will be gone and never come back, even after just one time using the healing pendulum. There may be times when you have to use the healing pendulum a few times a day for several days, but eventually you will achieve your desired results.

This information is copyright of Hildegard Starmer 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014