Hildegard Starmer is a graduate from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing with an active healing practice in Gaithersburg, MD.

Her interests in the nature of consciousness led her to The Monroe Institute (TMI) where she has participated in all the week-long residential programs at least once. In 2001 Hildegard received her certification to be an Outreach Facilitator for weekend Gateway Excursions. Her TMI experiences have been truly life-changing, and she is dedicated to getting the word out about the amazing benefits of using Hemi-Sync®.

Hildegard is happy to be able to offer Hemi-Sync® experiences to others through weekend workshops as well as at expos across the country as a dealer for Monroe Products.

In addition to exploring consciousness through sound, Hildegard has worked with pendulums for 15 years, using them for dowsing as well as for healing, and has had great success teaching others how to effectively use them.